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This 11-week, fully online programme will be a fun and creative challenge.  Our goal is for cast to develop life skills in arts education, collaboration, participation and self-motivation in an interactive programme with access to professional tutors as they guide you virtually through this process. 

In 2017 we produced a new musical, "Peter Pan", at the Aotea Centre, completely written and composed by our own James Doy and Jonathan Alver. In the musical, Wendy takes centre stage as she charts a path in Neverland from youthful innocence to changing the world alongside the adored characters of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and the Lost Boys.

This story has been re-imagined for Wendy (in a Bubble),  NYT’s new virtual programme designed to keep the creative and performance spark alive during these unique times.  It’s an exciting opportunity to create an adaptation of Alver and Doy’s original musical with a new title and a physical distancing twist. A storytelling, performance experience like no other, the programme culminates in an edited production to be streamed through Auckland Live’s own social media platforms.

Each age group will be involved in two numbers including choreography and vocal performances. All material will be made available online in advance with an expectation for cast to practice ahead of each week’s rehearsal. Cast will be given a variety of creative DIY tasks to complete, which will contribute to the final production.  Cast will film their own performances from their homes to be edited into the final production.

The smaller cast size (limited to 100 paid participants) and online only nature of this programme will allow for more direct input for each cast member, and there will be some focussed workshops targeted to the specific needs of the cast.

The final production (45 - 60 minutes) will be streamed through Auckland Live's social media platforms, and then available as a download for the cast to keep. 

Let’s make history by creating NYT’s first ever online production from over 100 Bubbles across New Zealand!

Programme Information:

To be a part of this programme you must:

  • Be 7-21 years of age as of May 30th, 2020 and a New Zealand resident.
  • Be available for the full 11-week rehearsal programme, June 14th – August 30th (Note: these dates include the school holidays but Zoom allows you to rehearse anywhere!)
  • Have access to a reasonably modern device for rehearsal, Zoom, Google Classrooms, filming and uploading.
  • Have access to  pair of headphones for recording singing.
  • Have access to an open space for moving about and filming.
  • Have someone to assist with camera when filming

Please note: We also recommend that parents/caregivers monitor younger cast members during rehearsals and help with tasks to ensure their engagement and understanding.

Weekly material will be uploaded for cast members to learn, allowing Sunday to be an opportunity to come together live to rehearse, recap and collaborate in small groups.

Lead roles are open to anyone who registers, and we will multicast where appropriate.  As with any lead role there is a greater time commitment required to learn material independently and participate collaboratively in Thursday evening Zoom rehearsals.

Step by step guides will be provided for filming audition tapes and cast member performances. Costume guidelines will also be provided. (Note: Costumes are to be self-supplied and created from elements found at your own home). 

Highlights from our 2017 Production


Important Dates:

Sunday 14th June

First Zoom rehearsal for each Team

Team Red (7 - 9 yrs old) 1.00 – 1.45pm
Team Yellow (10 - 11 yrs old) 2.00 – 2.45pm
Team Green (12 - 13 yrs old) 3.00 – 3.45pm
Team Purple (14 - 21) 4.00 – 4.45pm

Zoom rehearsals will continue each Sunday (including the school holidays).  All material will be made available online in advance of each rehearsal.  Attendance will be monitored to ensure everyone is keeping up, and there is an expectation of an additional 1- 2 hours of activities each week.

Lead rehearsals and workshops will be primarily on Thursdays from 5 - 7pm

Registration Fees:

$150 + gst (includes full 11 week programme and cast t-shirt)


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Production Team

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