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Wendy (in a Bubble) was live streamed online on Saturday 26 September, 5 pm from Auckland Live’s social media platforms and the National Youth Theatre’s Facebook page.

Streaming is free, but we would so appreciate your support of our Charitable aims - you can donate here.  

Wendy (in a Bubble), the Peter Pan Story was born from the COVID-19 lockdown. With the shutting down of venues and restrictions on gatherings, we needed to find ways to support our creative staff and engage our cast members, allowing them to stay involved in Musical Theatre, which is such a big part of their lives. 

With some “thinking outside the box” along with support from Creative NZ, Auckland Live and our sponsors, Risland, WENDY (in a Bubble) was born. 

Wendy (in a Bubble) is a 2020-twist on the well-known classic, Peter Pan, which in 2017 was written by our very own Kiwi duo Jonathan Alver & James Doy. Honouring the original text of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, but reimagined for a 21st century audience.

Wendy takes centre-screen in this story of a young girl afraid of growing up and becoming a sensible adult. After escaping to Neverland, Wendy becomes instrumental in the fight against the villainous Captain Hook, leading the much loved Lost Boys and Tiger Lily's band of Animals to unite and stand up to him. Through her adventures she realises maybe growing up can be magical in its own way. 
This story has been re-imagined for Wendy (in a Bubble), NYT’s new virtual programme designed to keep the creative and performance spark alive during theses unique times. It’s an exciting opportunity to create an adaptation of Alver & Doy’s original musical with a new title and a physical distancing twist. A storytelling performance experience like no other!

Featuring the choreographic talents of Tyler Johnston, the on-screen dance numbers are a real highlight of the piece and include the use of NZ Sign Language to enhance storytelling. The singing and acting talents of the cast are brought to life with Musical Direction by Cole Johnston and Direction by Frith Horan. Costume design by Christian Swan, in collaboration with each cast member, features incredible designs and highlights the creativity of this online production.

The National Youth Theatre is a charity – changing lives from the stage!

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