Our Supporters


The Aotea Centre, Auckland

The support and sponsorship provided by Auckland Live enables us to perform at the Aotea Centre. Without their recognition of the importance of bringing theatre to young people we wouldn't be able to operate. They’re a crucial supporter, and we're so grateful for everything they do for us.


Digital screens in use as background for an NYT show

Monstavision light up our stage with brilliant LED screens - enabling us to create an amazing set without taking up the space needed for our performers to do their thing. Their support is unparalleled, and has changed the way we think about our productions. If you need large screens for any project, please do get in touch with Monstavision - and tell them we sent you!

Y & Y Frozen Food Ltd

Crab from Y & Y Frozen Food

Y&Y Frozen Food Ltd was established in 2005, specialising in importing and distributing a variety of frozen products. They supply frozen seafood, frozen vegetables, and frozen fruits to restaurants, takeaways, supermarkets, fish shops and other food service all around New Zealand.

Their desire to support their community has led them to sponsor the National Youth Theatre and the work we do changing lives from the stage.


The Edgerley, one of Hermitage Group's most iconic developments

At Argus Engineering, their goal is clear: to make life better for home and public spaces. Argus Engineering is the distributor of Midea HBT and exclusive agent of BRAVAT, the company provides an unparalleled product selection for our clients including Commercial Air Conditioner, Bathware and Home Appliances.

Argus were particularly interested in supporting our schools’ performances, and our partnerships with deserving schools to fully fund their attendance at those shows - and have directed their donation to that area.


Little Umbrella, protect, nourish & provide.

Little Umbrella is a trusted and proven brand which gives your baby the very best start possible. It gives them the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Their formula is healthy, tasty and will help your little one become a robust, well-nourished child, ready to take on the world.


The team at The Warehouse (Royal Oak and Atrium on Elliott) have been supporting us for several shows now, providing us with a range of costume, set and storage items - often at the very last minute!


Risland were our named sponsors of our season of “Keeping the Lights On” - kindly extending their support after Covid forced the cancellation of "The Little Mermaid". Risland New Zealand is an energetic and passionate brand dedicated to providing dynamic, human-centric living solutions. They pride themselves in understanding the needs of a city and its people and enhancing the built environment with their developments.

Risland’s support of our programme, and the work we do with the young performers of Auckland, is part of their philosophy of corporate responsibliity. We are so grateful for their sponsorship.


The wonderful people at NZ Beekeeping Cooperation are supporting us 10% of every beehive adopted.



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  • The Evangelidakis Family
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  • Stephen and Jan Franklin
  • Colleen and Barry Simpson
  • Ian and Geraldine Atkinson
  • Tony Zhang
  • Eric Hao Ma & Evelyn Jingdan Liu
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  • The Gordon Family
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  • The Odiaz Family
  • The O'Brien Family
  • The Kotlarsky-Oshri Family
  • The Taylor Family
  • The Wehrle Family
  • Anonymous x 8

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  • The Buist Family
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