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Out of the house and on to the stage!

Musical Theatre school holiday programmes in Auckland - these popular courses are a perfect school holiday activity for theatre enthusiasts or beginners (aged 7 - 16) who would like to give being on stage a go!

The course builds up to two performances of a special revue shows for family and friends.

Students will work with tutors from New Zealand's National Youth Theatre in acting, vocal / singing and dance. Sessions are held in small age-related groups to ensure that everyone receives quality tuition. We have a high staff to student ratio and a qualified first-aider on site at all times.

Each AllStars has a general theme. Based around this central concept, we produce five fun-filled days of innovative, quality tuition, focussing on skills, confidence, and enjoyment.

The course fee is $290.00 per student.

"... she's gone from being too shy to absolutely keen to try out for the school play this year after doing the programme."

"We felt that the staff had empowered the kids in the show, by letting them design the structure, but gave them enough guidance to ensure that the show remained controlled."

"It gives confidence to young people who may not get a chance to shine in other areas."

"The AllStars programme is wonderful… the children are all encouraged to succeed and give input."

"Very talented teachers that love what they do. This passes down to the students, making them passionate about performing."

AllStars Explorers CBD

19 -23 January 2021

"Explorers" - adventure, music, dance & drama take over the Covert Theatre in Ponsonby! This course runs Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd January (9am - 4pm), with performances on Saturday the 23rd January at 12:30pm and 3pm (cast drop off at 11.30am).

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AllStars Explorers Belmont

26 - 30 January 2021

"Explorers" - adventure, music, dance & drama take over the Rose Centre in Belmont! This course runs Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th January (9am - 4pm), with performances on Saturday the 30th January at 3pm and 5.30pm (cast drop off at 2:00pm).

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